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Tips to keep my solar panels clean

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It goes without saying that solar panels are much reliable when it comes to providing energy in the form of electricity. The environment-friendly appliance can well serve its efficiency in generating energy from the sun rays. A majority of them have no moving part induced within them and yet the lifespan of a stagnant solar panel can exceed well over thirty years.Owning solar panels is a big investment, and solar panel maintenance is necessary to ensure your long-term benefits.

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Why is it essential to maintain solar panels?

In case any kinds of the problem arise, later on, it is best that you know what you can do at the moment.  Maintaining the clean and pure format of energy requires caring and a bit of cleaning. It is better to mention at first that solar panels require maintenance at regular intervals. The frequent malfunction generally arises from problems that are related to the production of electricity or especially the presence of corrosion in those wires. Any form of corrosion in the wires that ties the system to the inventor, and not the panel itself, can lead to its malfunction.

  • First and foremost be sure that your solar panels are kept out from the shade. Any form of dark and obscure obstruction will prevent its intended functionality. To let you preserve a decade of clean electricity and have a huge save on the electricity bill here are some of the tips you can follow.
  • Solar panel cleaning kits come in very handy for cleaning solar panels. You can use plain water or a soft brush to remove any grime or dirt that has built up on the panels.
  • Clean solar panels when they are moist or wet so any dirt so residue that is stuck on them can be wiped off easily.
  • Never use an abrasive sponge or soap for your solar panel cleaning as you may scratch the glass. The best way to clean solar panels by using a soft rag or biodegradable soap.
  • If you clean often, you might be able to just run a hose along the panels to remove any dirt. Fewer calls on solar panel maintenance.
  • For your safety and the safety of others around you, use a long handled wiper to clean the panels while you are standing on the ground.
  • If you have no time in cleaning solar panels, you can install automated cleaners that work like sprinkler systems or even schedule appointments with solar panel cleaning companies.
  • Keep a tab on the day to day to performance of those panels to refine its maintenance. Keep a note on the amount of energy it produces at a consistent time rate while making special consideration on cloudy days.


Make sure to clean those panels regularly and don’t let any kind of scratches and dirt accumulate on its sheets. Depending on the type of panel you have, you might be weekly or monthly in cleaning solar panels. Your solar panel manufacturer should be able to advise you on this for solar panel cleaning. Always watch out for dirt on the solar panels to make sure it doesn’t build up since they can absorb sunlight better when they are free of dirt.


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