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Illumine your homes with energy-saving Solar Lights!

Top One Electricals is the best solar home lighting system Supplier and Manufacturer in Punjab, Chandigarh, Himachal, and Haryana that is not just user friendly but also a reliable and very effective Home lighting system source generated by the sunlight. The solar lighting system is the more sustainable form of achieving the need ends, and it emphasizes on providing the solar electricity option in the areas which are out of electricity connection, which let people operate their TVs and fans and other necessities for the all-time. At Top One Electricals, we do not only promote the ideology of a happier ecosystem but also a whole sum usage of human and natural resources. At Top One Electricals, we provide a versatile range of specialized products and services. This had made us become a renowned name among Top solar companies in Punjab for solar-based products and services.

Solar Home Lighting system

At Top One Electricals We provide all kinds of solar-based services and versatile solar home lighting systems in Punjab and Haryana. Our engineers will perform structural analysis to get a proper structural design and electrical blueprint of your house. We assure you that your solar panel installation will be hassle-free and our team will work the best to provide you all needed services for the system through its life and this trust, which we have gained over the years through our customers has made Top One Electricals countable in the best solar Home Lighting system dealers in Himachal, Punjab, and Chandigarh.

Our Specialization

The solar Home lighting System is a very sustainable, compacted, easily mountable and portable system. These home solar installations are fixed and specially designed for domestic purposes. The major components of the solar lighting system include the charge controller, solar battery, solar cells, and lighting system. the solar home lighting system has been a miracle to the areas, where the electricity cannot reach. It especially helps the rural society needs.

Solar home lighting is used as a substitute for major power supply, it can be used while power cuts or for interior illumination. We manufacture the best quality range of solar home supplies with powerful batteries, which is being supplied in all over Punjab and many major parts of India.  Solar lights require low maintenance and go in the long run.

Solar Home Lights system in Chandigarh, Panchkula and Khrar
Solar Panel dealer in Chandigarh and Punjab


What are other essential advantages of getting solar powered lighting system in homes?Let’s take a look at top few benefits of having solar lighting system in homes:


  • Save 100% of electricity expenses.
  • Silent operator and easy access at any location.
  • Excellent usage of solar array energy.
  • Excellent and long term services.

Why Us?

Top One Electricals motivates a sustainable lifestyle through its solar home lighting system and makes a difference to this earth. We have a innovative and advanced outlook towards bringing a change in the world.

We have the best skilled and verified solar Home lighting technicians in Chandigarh, Haryana, Punjab and Himachal.

We provide instant installations services.
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Our bliss is on the client's satisfaction.
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